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Trump is a violation of the rules…

This mantra might come from the powerful but it doesn’t stop there. Log onto Facebook sometime and read the run of memes and whatnot of your more liberal-minded friends. The main theme is that Trump is a violation of the rules, not that the rules are themselves inherently [screwed up].

Cold War chauvinism and fear-mongering

Unless we acknowledge that prominent liberals have embraced dangerous, hysterical Cold War chauvinism and fear-mongering to deal with Trump’s victory, we will never face the truth that Trump won by exploiting a failed neoliberal legacy, and will win again unless this delusion ceases.

Don’t Fall for the Bullshit

Don’t fall for the bullshit. The Trump administration’s blocked citizenship question on the census is unavoidably racist. If ICE and the rest of the immigration and detention apparatus really targeted every visa overstay in this country, you’d see a shitload of white Europeans getting deported every day.

The fact that you don’t should tell you what’s actually going on.

After McGovern and Carter

The Democratic Party does not care about beating Donald Trump. It didn’t in 2016, and it doesn’t now. What it cares about, all it has ever cared about, is preserving the status quo.

We may have moved past the party’s ability to clear the field for its preferred frontrunner, as it did for Clinton, but make absolutely no mistake: after McGovern and Carter, the “party of the people” will never, ever again allow the people to decide a candidate.

If it comes down to Bernie and somebody else in the primary, you know in your bones the corporatocracy ain’t ever picking Sanders.

It’s not hard to understand

Look, folks, it’s not hard to understand why Republicans are blocking an unredacted Mueller report from ever being released.

The President has shitty, barely-legal business dealings with Russian oligarchs, and that’s just the shit we’ve known about all along. The reason the Special Counsel investigation sought a couple dozen indictments was because folks lied before Congress, or lied in their testimony before the Grand Jury about those business deals.

They lied to protect the President from facing any legal consequences for fraud and illegal business practices, just like Donald Trump has engaged in for his entire career.

If there was anything, anything at all that was going to serve as the slam-dunk evidence, which they promised all along was coming, of collusion with the Russian government to tamper with the election, Mueller would have indicted people for it.

Stop pretending like we don’t already know what this shit is, and what it isn’t. We know. We’ve always known. We just don’t want to accept that that’s what it is, and people voted for him, anyway, or that Democrats ran a candidate they *knew* wouldn’t get the coronation she wanted, but they expected black voters and progressives to dutifully support Grandma Pinochet anyway. They knew that Obama-to-Trump voters were going to be a thing, and they ran Hillary, and her batshit stupid campaign anyway.

Stop pretending any of these people have your interests in mind. They do not.

Not the Republican party, not the Democrats, and not the media that’s colluded with them both to hype this bullshit.

If you’re a pro-Israel democrat

If you’re a pro-israel, “hamas are bad guys, tooooo!” democrat, can you please, one of you, explain the difference between Israel’s actions, here, and Trump’s foreign policy “solution” to dealing with ISIS?

“All Israeli crossings into Gaza now closed, fishermen blocked from going out to sea Supplies cannot get in, despite population being dependent on humanitarian aid The people are trapped

Firing rockets into population center is war crime. Does NOT justify collective punishment”


All Israeli crossings into Gaza now closed, fishermen blocked from going out to sea Supplies cannot get in, despite population being dependent on humanitarian aid The people are trapped. Firing rockets into population center is war crime. Does NOT justify collective punishment

— Ariel Gold 🔥💕 אריאל (@ArielElyseGold) March 25, 2019

Trump: “The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families.”


Trump is a symptom

Liberals: yeah, I’ve heard your critique that “socialism will not rid us of Trump.” (Since you seem to need to remind me of it constantly, I’ve heard it a bunch.)
Here’s the problem with your criticism: Trump is a symptom.
If you don’t address the underlying problem – which modern American liberalism never does, and apparently never will – more Trumps (spread across the paper-thin US political divide) are inevitable.

War on Poverty: It’s Over?

Poverty’s over, you guys. The administration says so.

The Trump administration has a new argument for dismantling the social safety net: It worked.

Republicans for years have proclaimed the federal government’s decades-old War on Poverty a failure.

“Americans are no better off today than they were before the War on Poverty began in 1964,” House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) wrote in his 2016 plan to dramatically scale back the federal safety net.

Now the Trump administration is pitching a new message on anti-poverty programs, saying efforts that Republicans had long condemned as ineffective have already worked.