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One way or another it WILL come to an end

Capitalism is a materialistic economic ideology that is based in perpetual, infinite growth, on a planet with finite resources. At some point, one way or another, it WILL come to an end. Socialism is the means to prevent us from ending along with it.


It’s time we recognized the US Constitution…

It’s time we recognized the US Constitution for what it is: a document that enshrines the power of a political elite, masquerading as the founding of a democracy.

The Constitution itself furnishes sufficient evidence of that fact. It is not in any sense a democratic instrument, but in every sense a denial of democracy. The Declaration of Independence had been democratic and revolutionary; the Constitution, however, was autocratic and reactionary. Only six of the fifty-six signers of the declaration had a hand in framing the Constitution. Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, and Samuel Adams were not in the convention. Jefferson bitterly opposed the Constitution as finally adopted, and Henry openly denounced it.


Fascinating how power outages in Venezuela…

Fascinating how power outages in Venezuela are proof that socialism is an utter failure but power outages caused by wealthy executives bonusing themselves so they didn’t have to repair outdated power lines in California in no way reflects the failures of unfettered capitalism.

Between Citizens United, gerrymandering, mass voter purges, closed primaries…

Hunter Prado (via Twitter):

Factually, between Citizens United, gerrymandering, mass voter purges, closed primaries and that whole “living in a corrupt oligarchy that is forever shifting rightward” thing, your power as an individual American voter is severely limited. It is not however, non-existent.

As such I am baffled at why wealthy donors, the corporate media and bougie professional class liberals so casually insist the labor class voter completely surrender that tiny bit of power & influence by pledging to vote for whichever stiff the Dem Party forces on them in advance.

Peak Liberalism

Peak liberalism is taking the left’s idea from 2008 for $15/hr when minimum wage was $7.25, chewing on it for a decade, and passing a law for $15/hr by 2025 when $15 will be equivalent to $7.25 in 2008.

Then congratulate yourselves for it. Democratic Party in a nutshell.

Grassroots activists ride in the trunk

Grassroots Democrat activists can supply energy and credibility to their party, but they ride in the trunk, not in the front seat. There are no transmission belts between their policy wishes and what elected Democrats actually do. Elected Democrats take their orders from wealthy funders, not their party’s leftish activists. This is one of the things that the Green Party gets right.