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Faith is the secret to happiness

Daily Encouragement by Daisaku Ikeda:

Faith is the secret to happiness for all people. When you truly forge your mind of faith, you will become an eternal victor throughout the three existences of past, present and future. Strong faith enables you to display your wisdom appropriately, so that you can take advantage of change and move forward in the direction of victory and hope. 


SGI President Ikeda: Compassion is the very soul of Buddhism

SGI President Ikeda’s Daily Encouragement:

Compassion is the very soul of Buddhism. To pray for others, making their problems and anguish our own; to embrace those who are suffering, becoming their greatest ally; to continue giving them our support and encouragement until they become truly happy—it is in such humanistic actions that the Daishonin’s Buddhism lives and breathes.


SGI President Ikeda: A Life Free of Work?

SGI President Ikeda’s Daily Encouragement:

Nichiren Daishonin discusses the meaning of the Chinese characters for the word benefit (Jpn Kudoku) as follows: “The ku of kudoku means to extinguish evil and doku means to bring forth good” (Gosho Zenshu, p. 762). We fight against those who try to destroy the True Law. That struggle purifies us and brings forth benefits in our lives. Justice or happiness without a battle is just an illusion. Thinking that happiness means a life free of hard work and effort is fantasy.

from SGI-USA
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