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A travesty of justice that Lula was imprisoned in the first place

A travesty of justice that Lula was imprisoned in the 1st place. Kudos to Glenn Greenwald & all who went to the mat for his release. Now let’s fight for political prisoners Julian Assange & Chelsea Manning, whose brutal imprisonment makes a mockery of our justice system!

Stein recount campaign demands PA protect right to paper ballots

From Voting Justice:

Jill Stein and the 2016 recount team announced today that they have served notice to the state of Pennsylvania that the ES&S ExpressVote XL voting machine, recently recertified by the state, violates the terms of the settlement agreement in Stein v. Cortés. This 2018 settlement of the Stein recount lawsuit guarantees all Pennsylvania voters the right to voter-verifiable, auditable paper ballots by the 2020 election. Against public outcry and expert warnings, Philadelphia County has decided to purchase ExpressVote XL machines for use by all voters. The state has 30 days to respond, after which the plaintiffs can ask the federal court that brokered the agreement to enforce it.


Against public outcry and expert warnings

Against public outcry & expert warnings, #Philadelphia is attempting to ram new voting machines down voters’ throats that CANNOT BE VERIFIED. That means if these machines are used in the 2020 election, there will be no way to know if the election results are true! #StopTheMachine

Can you believe voting machine corporations…

Can you believe voting machine corporations are still in court trying to gag us from making any public statements about our upcoming examination of voting machine software? How can we trust our elections if the privately-owned software that counts votes is shielded from scrutiny?

When Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico

When Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, a US colony, Trump & the Republican Congress let 1000s die & didn’t restore power for 11 MONTHS.

Now the same people are using a blackout to push Venezuelans toward civil war… while strangling them with sanctions! Incredible hypocrisy.


US media have spent two years warning about foreign enemies

US media have spent 2 years warning about how foreign enemies could sabotage our electric grid with cyberattacks. Yet when #Venezuela‘s gov’t, targeted for regime change, claimed its grid was sabotaged, US media immediately dismissed it as a conspiracy theory. See how that works?