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It is time for this investigation to end

It is time for this investigation to end and for Manning to be released. She is taking a principled stand against the secret grand jury process of the United States. Grand juries are known as the “prosecutor’s darling” because the grand jury only hears the prosecutor’s version of events. Those who are the target of a grand jury investigation are not allowed to present their side of the story. Those who are witnesses before grand juries are not allowed to have a lawyer with them in the hearing room. Grand jury abuse has become all too common. Manning’s stand should lead to a re-evaluation of the grand jury system as she is putting a spotlight on this abusive prosecutorial tool.


Happy Birthday, Karl Marx

From the Howie Hawkins Campaign:

Happy 201st birthday to one of the world’s most important thinkers, Karl Marx.

Marx (and his collaborator, Engels) understood that our ecosystem is vibrant and intricate, where balance is key and where we can’t often control the outcomes of our impact.

It’s time for system change, not business as usual. Get involved at https://howiehawkins.us/

Das Kapital, Volume III, Part IV: https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1894-c3/ch46.htm