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Let’s focus on the hardship of the wealthy few & their self-serving “markets” instead

Folks are – quite literally – begging for help with medical bills, and we’re making it simpler for them to do that, instead of fixing the system that forces them to beg, in the first place.

Your precious hedge fund millions aren’t worth this.

GoFundMe actually has a category for medical expenses on their website now.

The horror stories of how people in this country struggle every day just to survive are endless.

But please, let’s focus on the hardship of the wealthy few & their self-serving “markets” instead.

This is how you pitch Medicare for All:

This is how you pitch #MedicareforAll:

“We exempt the first $29k in income… you make $60k, you pay on $31k… we’ll have a 4% income tax, $1200 dollars a year, comprehensive care for your entire lifetime. How’s that?”

In an effort to spotlight the corporate greed…

Common Dreams:

In an effort to “spotlight the corporate greed that has taken over the American healthcare system” and driven up the costs of life-saving drugs, Sen. Bernie Sanders announced Thursday that he plans to travel to Canada later this month with a caravan of diabetics looking to purchase affordable insulin.

“Insulin costs over $300 [per vial] in the U.S.,” tweeted Sanders, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. “In Canada, the same exact drug costs about $30. We can’t wait for drug companies to lower prices. Americans need relief now!”


Biden’s Healthcare Plan is Just Great – As Long as You Don’t Need Healthcare

Common Dreams:

After spending the past week sniping at Medicare for All with insurance industry talking points, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Monday unveiled a healthcare plan that one analyst said could cause the deaths of around 125,000 people over the first ten years by leaving millions of Americans uninsured.

“Even if you suppose that Biden’s estimate is right and the uninsurance rate does go to three percent, that still implies an enormous amount of unnecessary death caused by a lack of insurance,” Bruenig said. “One commonly-used (e.g. by CAP) estimate states that one unnecessary death occurs annually for every 830 uninsured people. This means that during the first 10 years of Bidencare, over 125,000 unnecessary deaths will occur from uninsurance.”