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War on Women

Women are counting on us to be brave in the face of these recent unconstitutional attacks on abortion rights. We must be unwavering in our resolve to be a powerful voice for the right to choose.
Establishment politicians have launched nothing less than an all-out #WarOnWomen. Once again, women’s health rights are being taken away by legislators writing oppressive laws that are setting the clock backward and endangering women’s freedom to make their own health care decisions.
Feminism is one of the Green Party’s ten key values and women’s rights will be a front-and-center issue in 2020.
The Green Party is committed to fielding hundreds of candidates to be a strong voice for women during the 2020 election cycle.
Please stand with the Green Party National Women’s Caucus and Green Party candidates as we work together to stand up to this war on women’s rights

Watching dude Twitter lose its collective shit…

Watching dude twitter flip the entire fuck out over being told they don’t get to unilaterally order women to smile in public raises a couple of points: if it’s exhausting to me, imagine how much more exhausting it is for the women who have to live with this shit every. single. day. Secondly, dudes, if you still can’t see it, let’s flip it around. You should totally smile. On my demand. Because I think you look more attractive when you do. So smile more. Because I want you to be pretty.