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One way or another it WILL come to an end

Capitalism is a materialistic economic ideology that is based in perpetual, infinite growth, on a planet with finite resources. At some point, one way or another, it WILL come to an end. Socialism is the means to prevent us from ending along with it.


A political issue for the exploiting class alone.

(Military) Preparedness as a political issue is for the exploiting class alone. They and they alone reap its harvests of gold, while its harvests of blood are for its deluded and betrayed victims.

For a nation as rich as ours…

“For a nation as rich as ours to allow a major whale species to go extinct on our watch is deplorable,” says @HumaneSociety. Via @dougfrasercct


North Atlantic right whales become closer to extinction as vessel operators continue to ignore restrictions put in place to keep the species safe.



The mega-wealthy decide

Under late-stage capitalism the mega-wealthy decide whose suffering is addressed. They spend a tiny fraction of their wealth to make a charity that teaches hungry kids how to play soccer.

Then they claim to be “philanthropists” rather than sociopathic wealth-hoarders.


You can’t look critically at Obama’s record

The corporate pundits who’re telling us, ‘You can’t look critically at Obama’s record’ don’t care about protecting Obama; they care about protecting corporate interests, Wall St, military spending, insurance companies, and fossil fuel profits.

For the love of god, WAKE UP.