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“I don’t call it aid…”

Israel is the seventh or eighth largest arms exporter worldwide. Speaker Pelosi is right that US military aid to Israel isn’t actually aid – it’s political theater so the US will look like it’s doing something meaningful while pretending it can’t see Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

Meanwhile, at the #AIPAC conference, Nancy Pelosi assures attendees that even if the #GolanHeights move causes the US to crumble to the ground, the only thing that will remain is its servitude to #Israel.


Champagne Boycott?

The demand from pro-Israel advocates for boycott consistency has little to do with a belief in the need for ethical purity in all matters. Rather, it’s another attempt at deflection.

Much easier to talk about “hypocrisy” from BDS supporters than have to defend home demolitions on the West Bank caused by Israel’s separate and unequal jurisdiction in the Occupied Territories. 82 homes were destroyed in 2018 alone.

Much easier to keep insisting that Israel is a liberal democracy and Jerusalem is the undivided capital of the Jewish people than discuss why 330,000 Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem will not get to vote in Israel’s General Election in April.

Much easier to talk-up the threat of Iran’s nuclear weapons programme than acknowledge that Israel has been in possession of nuclear weapons for decades but still denies it.

Why I’m not a ‘Champagne boycotter’