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Glen Greenwald on The Intercept

Glen Greenwald is spot on, as usual. Oh, and, of course the white kid trying to start a “race” war “isn’t” a terrorist, Glen. Only white folks with unpopular views are terrorists.

“Yet another reason is that the specific forms of activism this movement has cultivated are shrewd and compelling: As is true for so many types of violence, the savagery, torture and sadism that makes these industries so profitable will be collectively tolerated only if we are not forced to confront their reality.”


Oola. 2005-2012

My sweetest (fussy, opinionated, bossy, adorable, pushy, cuddly, standoffish, more and more and more) cat had what turns out to be a small stroke Wednesday night, and another, larger stroke on Friday. After her vet visit Wednesday, the vet and I hoped she’d only had an ear infection that might clear up with an antibiotic shot. After the second stroke on Friday, which was clearly a stroke, she had a series of seizures on the way back to the vet, and I had her put to sleep at about midnight Friday, December 21. I miss her already. I will love her forever.