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Please donate now to help chimps in need

This is Gordo. He’s a small guy who communicates the world with just his eyes. He was used in a biomedical research laboratory before being retired to a Los Angeles refuge that unexpectedly shut in 2019. He is receiving care in the interim, but our #ChimpsInNeed emergency fundraiser is working hard to rehome Gordo and his group to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest as quickly as possible. If enough money is raised for the sanctuary to prepare for them, we can move ALL the remaining chimps this year! Plus, all donations are currently doubled right now thanks to an anonymous foundation. Learn more and help us help them at primatesanctuaries.org/chimps-in-need

Please don’t buy pets…

There are millions of unadopted animals in shelters, right now. Please don’t buy from breeders and pet stores.

BIG WIN FOR PUPPIES: Our 2017 investigation of NYC pet store Chelsea Kennel Club revealed that the store failed to care for ailing animals & knowingly sold sick puppies. The former operator of this pet store has been ordered to pay nearly $4 million in fines and restitution.