Tag: Animal Rights

Adeoye Owolewa on MeatBusters

A MUST LISTEN: this episode of MeatBusters features @AdeoyeOwolewa, Dem candidate for DC Representative. Hear about why he went #vegan, his priorities for animals and food justice, and his challenge to the animal rights community. And then go #VOTE


Living Conditions at Project Chimps

Living conditions & vet care at @HumaneSociety “sanctuary” #ProjectChimps are so poor that #AnimalRights activists are protesting at the homes of #HSUS execs, including board chair Susan Atherton.

Story: https://bit.ly/3ecpMgf


Putting us all at risk

Slaughterhouses have consistently been the largest COVID-19 outbreak sites in the world. If this was any other industry it would be shut down. Our selfish food choices kill animals, exploited workers and their families, and put us all at risk.

Please don’t buy pets…

There are millions of unadopted animals in shelters, right now. Please don’t buy from breeders and pet stores.

BIG WIN FOR PUPPIES: Our 2017 investigation of NYC pet store Chelsea Kennel Club revealed that the store failed to care for ailing animals & knowingly sold sick puppies. The former operator of this pet store has been ordered to pay nearly $4 million in fines and restitution.