There can be no gradualist answer…

There can be no gradualist, ecomodernist answer to the dire ecological problems we face, because when looking at the human effect on the planet there is nothing gradual about it.

Left Voice


Russiagate hysteria is ramping up, all over again…

Given that the Russiagate hysteria is ramping up, all over again… let’s refresh our recollections, shall we?

Cuba: Russian ally. Has been forever. Obama administration: attempts to ease sanctions. Immediately reversed when that Putin-controlled orange clown takes office – because that’s exactly what Putin really wants, you guys.

Syria: Russian ally. Trump ratchets up our undeclared war in Syria making literally everything worse for absolutely everyone, including Russia, who risk getting pulled into another ground war they don’t want in the Middle East. Because Vladimir Putin is the super-secret puppetmaster pulling the strings.

Venezuela: Russian ally. So, of course, Putin instructs his cheeto-dusted operative in the White House to foment a coupin the interests of American oil companies. Because that’s how this secret puppetmaster shit works.

Iran: Russian ally. So, by all means, that must mean Vlad wanted the Iranian nuclear deal scrapped – because, again, what Russia really wants is a highly motivated Islamic theocracy starting a nuclear war.

If your theory is that Vladimir Putin is secretly running Donald Trump as a Russian state asset, at some point you’re going to have to admit he’s doing a terrible fucking job of it.

Remember: when the US government admits to tampering with elections: Freedom! ‘Merica! Nobody can actually provide any actual evidence that Russian trolls did anything other than buy some Facebook ads and post some anti-Hillary tweets? OUR ELECTIONS HAVE BEEN HAX0RED!!1!

CIA admits role in 1953 Iranian coup

Declassified documents describe in detail how US – with British help – engineered coup against Mohammad Mosaddeq

The Guardian

In an effort to spotlight the corporate greed…

In an effort to “spotlight the corporate greed that has taken over the American healthcare system” and driven up the costs of life-saving drugs, Sen. Bernie Sanders announced Thursday that he plans to travel to Canada later this month with a caravan of diabetics looking to purchase affordable insulin.

“Insulin costs over $300 [per vial] in the U.S.,” tweeted Sanders, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. “In Canada, the same exact drug costs about $30. We can’t wait for drug companies to lower prices. Americans need relief now!”

Common Dreams

Dario Hunter: Stop the Madness

Kamala Harris says the backlash against Kaepernick and taking a knee “was not a thing” until “Russian bots started taking that on.”😂 So now the systemic, ever-present, hundreds of years old racism in this country is a Russian conspiracy? Stop the madness. This is why you can’t take seriously any candidate pushing the Russiagate nonsense – it’s such an obvious tool of corporate mass-distraction.

Biden’s Healthcare Plan is Just Great – As Long as You Don’t Need Healthcare

After spending the past week sniping at Medicare for All with insurance industry talking points, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Monday unveiled a healthcare plan that one analyst said could cause the deaths of around 125,000 people over the first ten years by leaving millions of Americans uninsured.

“Even if you suppose that Biden’s estimate is right and the uninsurance rate does go to three percent, that still implies an enormous amount of unnecessary death caused by a lack of insurance,” Bruenig said. “One commonly-used (e.g. by CAP) estimate states that one unnecessary death occurs annually for every 830 uninsured people. This means that during the first 10 years of Bidencare, over 125,000 unnecessary deaths will occur from uninsurance.”

Common Dreams

It is time for this investigation to end

It is time for this investigation to end and for Manning to be released. She is taking a principled stand against the secret grand jury process of the United States. Grand juries are known as the “prosecutor’s darling” because the grand jury only hears the prosecutor’s version of events. Those who are the target of a grand jury investigation are not allowed to present their side of the story. Those who are witnesses before grand juries are not allowed to have a lawyer with them in the hearing room. Grand jury abuse has become all too common. Manning’s stand should lead to a re-evaluation of the grand jury system as she is putting a spotlight on this abusive prosecutorial tool.

Andrew Yang’s UBI Proposal

At the debate, Andrew Yang talked up his UBI proposal with a value added tax as a way to pay for it. What he tried to avoid is the hard truth of WHY libertarians like Yang actually want it: it’ll lower his tax bill by eviscerating the existing, already inadequate social safety net.

Sales taxes like VAT disproportionately burden working class and poorer people because they don’t have the disposable income that capitalists like Yang have. Eliminate the tax burden of funding existing public assistance, unemployment, and other components of the social safety net and millionaire capitalists like Yang are due for a nice, fat tax break.

Yang likes to present himself as a “Valley entrepreneur,” but he’s actually a venture capitalist, and like all capitalists he seeks to have his investment income taxed as cap gains, and not income – because it means he’ll pay far, far less as a percentage of income, than the majority of people earning taxed wages.

Yang’s UBI is not progressive. It’s a tax cut for the already wealthy capitalist class, pure and simple.

Even the low bar…

But Wednesday night’s debate did not clear even the low bar that Perez set. Over the course of two hours, approximately seven minutes were devoted to the top existential threat facing humanity. And only four of the ten candidates on stage were asked directly about how they intend to rapidly reduce carbon emissions over the next 11 years—something that must be done to preserve a livable planet for future generations.