20 Years of Death: A Look at the US’s Role in Afghanistan — The Shenandoah Red Gazette

20 years later, what has changed? Nearly a quarter of a million dead, an increase in the world market of opioids, and a flood of refugees being denied admittance to the West. Afghanistan has been devastated by the US in its quest for plunder.

20 Years of Death: A Look at the US’s Role in Afghanistan

Greenpeace: nuclear energy is not the way to a green and peaceful world.

Nuclear power is often hailed as a magic bullet solution for the rapid and large-scale decarbonisation of our societies which we all know needs to happen if we have any hope of mitigating the worst effects of the unfolding climate emergency. Among politicians and industry groups, it is consistently favoured over meaningful investment in renewable energy systems, bolstered with misleading claims of its safety, efficiency, stability, and speed of deployment. 

With the costs and efficiency of renewable energy solutions improving year on year, and the effects of our rapidly changing climate accelerating across the globe, we need to take an honest look at some of the myths being perpetuated by the nuclear industry and its supporters.

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