Nuclear weapons will soon be illegal

Nuclear weapons will soon be illegal under international law. Seventy-five years to the day after the founding of the United Nations, the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) began the 90-day countdown until the treaty enters into force.

A political issue for the exploiting class alone.

(Military) Preparedness as a political issue is for the exploiting class alone. They and they alone reap its harvests of gold, while its harvests of blood are for its deluded and betrayed victims.

For a nation as rich as ours…

“For a nation as rich as ours to allow a major whale species to go extinct on our watch is deplorable,” says @HumaneSociety. Via @dougfrasercct

North Atlantic right whales become closer to extinction as vessel operators continue to ignore restrictions put in place to keep the species safe.

Putting us all at risk

Slaughterhouses have consistently been the largest COVID-19 outbreak sites in the world. If this was any other industry it would be shut down. Our selfish food choices kill animals, exploited workers and their families, and put us all at risk.