Author: Ward Chanley

Green Party US: Statement on Western Imperialism and the Conflict in Ukraine

The Green Party Peace Action Committee (GPAX) views the conflict in Ukraine as the tragic, yet inevitable, result of relentless effort by the U.S., NATO, and the European Union for global economic, political, and military dominance. Within this context, the current conflict stems from the 2014 US-backed coup of Ukraine’s democratically elected government – and in the determination of the U.S./EU/NATO to convert Ukraine, whose government recently stated its intention to acquire nuclear weapons, into a heavily militarized NATO member nation located on the border of the Russian Federation.


For GPAX, peace also means: dismantling the military-industrial complex and all intelligence agencies that engage in covert warfare and that subject U.S. citizens to unconstitutional surveillance for “anti-government” views.

Nevada Green Rhythm – February 2022

The Nevada Green Party’s monthly newsletter for February 2022 is available now.

This month:

Nevada State Green Party Activation:

No help is too small! Easy things to participate with are:

Submit a paragraph to be sent in this newsletter. This is our party and you are welcome to build and create with the active members too since you are a part of ‘our.’

Like, Share, Subscribe to the various social media platforms. The more activity that is generated the more the GPNV is seen. The Green Party platform is not just politics, the Green Party is a Philosophy to ensure responsible existence on Earth. Be proud to be a Green Party member and let others know, they don’t have to follow the duopoly or disenfranchise themselves with NPP (No Party Preference) as their only choices. The more numbers they bring into specific parties like the Green Party, the more political parties will have to follow the will of the people.

Questions, comments, participation? Email us:

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Nevada Green Rhythm – January 2022

The Nevada Green Party’s monthly newsletter for January 2022 is available now.

Of note this month:

Delilah for Texas: We had an amazing interview with Delilah running for Texas Governor! As a registered GPNV member you never know who’s invited to our monthly meetings. For in depth details visit her website at:  Delilah comes from a medical background focused on many continuing issues other parties are exacerbating and offering no solutions. Her first  focus is a Single Payer Healthcare system that should be available to all tax paying citizens, as easily as it is to our current and past elected officials, to say the least. Delilah Barrios and the Green Party of Nevada Steering Committee also stand with the National Black Caucus’s statement against vaccine mandates. Bodily Autonomy for everyone is a GPUS platform plank.

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Nevada Green Rhythm – December 2021

The Nevada Green Party’s monthly newsletter for December 2021 is available now.

This month:


We start texting in January! We will be testing texts on a free format, to gauge feedback, prior to paying for a texting subscription. We are starting out with two scripts with different reasons to join the GPNV.

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Nevada Green Rhythm – November 2021

The Nevada Green Party’s monthly newsletter for November 2021 is available now.

Of note this month:

Extinction Rebellion: Right now it is imperative all humans fight for the right for the existence of all species, to sustain our environment for continued life. The ecosystem is as delicate as it is strong. Yes, humans are a part of the ecosystem too! Learn more about a global movement that the Nevada State Green Party Executive Committee highlights as a peaceful driver to expand action by all Governments, locally and globally:

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Nevada Green Rhythm – October 2021

The Nevada Green Party’s monthly newsletter for October 2021 is available now.

Special note this month:

Participation: September introduced us to 2 new registered Green Party members, who joined our monthly Zoom meeting and are active! If you are registered as a Green Party member, come join us. We are working for you! As we all know by now the NPPs and

others/minor party registered voters, are now the TOP voting block in Nevada bruising the blues by 2 to 1 and reds by 3 to 1. We have found from social media interactions, that many of the NPP could not find the Green Party option on the first page of voter, online registration in Nevada. We have a Voter Registration Committee that works with our National platform for registration drives and education. Meeting notifications are sent by email and social media platforms. Registration with GPNV takes an extra step or two, on the SOS (Secretary of State) website, and it’s well worth it, toward Humanity’s advancement to a sustainable future.

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Nevada Green Rhythm – September 2021

The Nevada Green Party’s monthly newsletter for September 2021 is available now.

This month:

GPNV has a Progressive Platform geared towards Humanity and Environment
Growth: New members are joining everyday! Let your “No Party Preference” friends know where we are. We just received feedback that some people that wanted to register with the GPNV, were not able to find us at the Secretary of State’s office, online Voter Registration! WE ARE THERE! The SOS has buried us in the Minor Party section.

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