Against public outcry and expert warnings

Against public outcry & expert warnings, #Philadelphia is attempting to ram new voting machines down voters’ throats that CANNOT BE VERIFIED. That means if these machines are used in the 2020 election, there will be no way to know if the election results are true! #StopTheMachine

This year alone, we killed at least 1000 innocent people in Afghanistan

Rafael (via Twitter):

This year alone, we killed at least 1000 innocent people in Afghanistan. Add to that 30 pine nut farmers killed by drone operators who “confused” them as ISIS. Just as they finished work, and sat around a campfire.

Manufacturing consent…

Manufacturing consent…


Colombian President Ivan Duque gave the United Nations what he called, “conclusive proof” of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s support of so-called terrorist groups during his speech to the organization’s General Assembly on Wednesday, including a photo of National Liberation Army (ELN) members the Colombian president claims was taken in Tachira, Venezuela last year.

However, according to El Colombiano, the first media outlet to fact check the president’s address, says that the claims are outright “wrong.

The author of the El Colombiano article, Javier Macias, says the photo was actually handed over “exclusively” to the newspaper in June 2015 by the nation’s “military intelligence” and that the image is of ELN members, dressed as clowns, who are giving gifts to children and helping them draw.