I didn’t leave the Democrats; they left me.

This was originally a comment over on Google Plus, but maybe I can flesh it out a little more here.

This really is the fundamental problem. I left the Democratic Party with the authorization of force that gave then-president Bush unprecedented war powers, following 9/11.

It became clear to me in 2000-01 that the Democrats just… weren’t the party I joined in 1988.

The party of Mondale is long, long gone, if it ever existed and it wasn’t just a figment of my 18-year-old imagination and idealism.

The thing is, things have only gotten progressively worse since I left the party, and electing Democrats doesn’t change any of that. Things get worse for human rights and foreign policy with a Republican in the White House – and they’ve gotten worse with the current, Democratic occupant.

But folks will continue to pat themselves on the back over trivial differences between the major parties.

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