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In other news, I continue to pursue my career as a supermodel.

In other news, I continue to pursue my career as a supermodel.

In this press release, you say that the Mueller report lays out clear and inarguable evidence for multiple counts of obstruction of justice.

Have you drafted articles of impeachment? Will you ever, in your life, impeach this President?

Of course not. You still want the country to hyperventilate over Russian election interference – which was, lest we forget, a bunch of tweets and facebook ads.

Meanwhile, you “continue to investigate” and “pursue the President’s tax records.”

Stop congratulating yourself for doing literally nothing, Madame Speaker.

The mega-wealthy decide

Under late-stage capitalism the mega-wealthy decide whose suffering is addressed. They spend a tiny fraction of their wealth to make a charity that teaches hungry kids how to play soccer.

Then they claim to be “philanthropists” rather than sociopathic wealth-hoarders.

Cold War chauvinism and fear-mongering

Unless we acknowledge that prominent liberals have embraced dangerous, hysterical Cold War chauvinism and fear-mongering to deal with Trump’s victory, we will never face the truth that Trump won by exploiting a failed neoliberal legacy, and will win again unless this delusion ceases.

You can’t look critically at Obama’s record

The corporate pundits who’re telling us, ‘You can’t look critically at Obama’s record’ don’t care about protecting Obama; they care about protecting corporate interests, Wall St, military spending, insurance companies, and fossil fuel profits.

For the love of god, WAKE UP.

There are billions of dollars up for grabs

There are billions of dollars up for grabs for people willing to pretend they are journalists & publish PR for billionaires & corporations.

Meanwhile independent journalists work 2 jobs & beg readers for funding.

Support indy journalists.

Can you believe voting machine corporations…

Can you believe voting machine corporations are still in court trying to gag us from making any public statements about our upcoming examination of voting machine software? How can we trust our elections if the privately-owned software that counts votes is shielded from scrutiny?