NJ Schools to teach LGBT History

From USA Today:

New Jersey to require schools to teach LGBT history

WOODLAND, N.J. – New Jersey has become the second state in the nation after California to adopt a law that requires schools to teach about LGBT history in a move hailed by civil rights groups as a step toward inclusion and fairness.

Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat who promised to promote equality for gay and transgender people during his campaign, signed the bill Thursday. Among those celebrating the news was Jaime Bruesehoff of Vernon, whose 12-year-old transgender child, Rebekah, spoke in support of the bill in Trenton in December.



From Qasim Rashid

From Qasim Rashid (if you can, please donate to his campaign):

I’m getting a LOT of attention today because I’m the first American Muslim in VA history (along with Ghazala Hashmi) to win the Democratic nomination for VA State Senate, and people want to know what I think and what my plan is for the general election.

So as I have your attention—let me say this important message:

The Sudanese people are being murdered & raped & the world must act NOW to stop it.




Nothing Is Going to Get Done on Climate Change

This is the world we live in, and those in power know this world very well. What is between climate change and meaningful human action is simply white American lives. As long as they are not directly threatened, we can continue business as usual.



War on Women

Women are counting on us to be brave in the face of these recent unconstitutional attacks on abortion rights. We must be unwavering in our resolve to be a powerful voice for the right to choose.
Establishment politicians have launched nothing less than an all-out #WarOnWomen. Once again, women’s health rights are being taken away by legislators writing oppressive laws that are setting the clock backward and endangering women’s freedom to make their own health care decisions.
Feminism is one of the Green Party’s ten key values and women’s rights will be a front-and-center issue in 2020.
The Green Party is committed to fielding hundreds of candidates to be a strong voice for women during the 2020 election cycle.
Please stand with the Green Party National Women’s Caucus and Green Party candidates as we work together to stand up to this war on women’s rights

To those who have been following deportation politics

From The Nation: 

To those who have been following deportation politics in this country, Trump’s policies, as they are now unfolding, have an eerie resonance. They seem to be growing directly out of policies first instituted in the presidencies of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. True, President Obama liked to talk about “our tradition of welcoming immigrants,” while our new president has tossed such liberal humanitarian rhetoric in the garbage can, instead playing up a harsh nativism. Still, the fact is that two Democratic presidents laid the groundwork for Trump’s developing policies.


Biden “doesn’t have time” to explain his healthcare plan

Because his “healthcare plan” amounts to “whatever the insurance industry wants.”

As Joe Biden storms through Iowa and prepares for his first visit as a presidential candidate in South Carolina, the Democratic front-runner has said he doesn’t “have the time” to lay out the details of his healthcare plan.

“I don’t have time; I don’t want to keep you standing any longer,” Mr Biden said recently in Iowa City, declining to lay out his vision for America’s healthcare future to the assembled crowd, according to POLITICO.


Happy Birthday, Karl Marx

From the Howie Hawkins Campaign:

Happy 201st birthday to one of the world’s most important thinkers, Karl Marx.

Marx (and his collaborator, Engels) understood that our ecosystem is vibrant and intricate, where balance is key and where we can’t often control the outcomes of our impact.

It’s time for system change, not business as usual. Get involved at https://howiehawkins.us/

Das Kapital, Volume III, Part IV: https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1894-c3/ch46.htm