Please donate now to help chimps in need

This is Gordo. He’s a small guy who communicates the world with just his eyes. He was used in a biomedical research laboratory before being retired to a Los Angeles refuge that unexpectedly shut in 2019. He is receiving care in the interim, but our #ChimpsInNeed emergency fundraiser is working hard to rehome Gordo and his group to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest as quickly as possible. If enough money is raised for the sanctuary to prepare for them, we can move ALL the remaining chimps this year! Plus, all donations are currently doubled right now thanks to an anonymous foundation. Learn more and help us help them at

Rejoining the Paris Agreement?

No, rejoining the Paris Agreement isn’t cause for celebration, nor is it actually doing anything but whitewashing our inaction on the climate. Yes, Trump was inarguably worse.

That’s no longer an excuse.

“If we rely only on the current climate commitments of the Paris Agreement, temperatures can be expected to rise to 3.2°C this century. Temperatures have already increased 1.1°C, leaving families, homes and communities devastated.”

A new documentary series produced in Israel

A new documentary series produced in Israel tells the story of the Iron Dome missile system, but as Kathryn Shihadah reports, it leaves out crucial details about how the weapon is used and who funded it. by Kathryn Shihadah

Fox News exits had 70% backing government healthcare

Fox News exits had 70% backing govt healthcare and big majorities for climate action. Florida passed $15 minimum wage with 60% of vote. Dems could have run on these things but instead they chose some vague sanctimonious soul of the nation bullshit.

Now that we have a presumptive Dem winner

Now that we have a presumptive Dem winner who claims during a pandemic that he’d veto Medicare for All if it passed Congress, MSNBC runs segments contrasting the USA’s crappy healthcare system with that of other countries who pay a lot less for better care.

Saudi Arabia’s latest PR stunt

Via CODEPINK: Women For Peace: In two weeks, over a hundred European professional golfers will gather to compete in Saudi Arabia’s latest PR stunt: the kingdom’s first all-women golf tournament. Meanwhile, just a matter of miles away from the course, trailblazing Saudi women’s rights activists Loujain al-Halthoul is languishing in prison on a hunger strike, held incommunicado from her family. No woman is free until we all are free. How can these athletes compete and claim to be promoting gender equality when a fellow woman is imprisoned for the “crime” of peacefully fighting for her rights? Pressure prominent female golfers to drop out of the tournament: